About the book

Kill the Boer is a book about the brutal reality of farm attacks in South Africa and how the South African government is complicit to this crisis. It is argued that the South African government should be regarded as complicit due to a variety of reasons, including its deprioritising of the crisis despite the worsening thereof, negative stereotyping of white farmers in particular, romanticising of violence inflicted upon farmers, propagation of hatred from political platforms, as well as the scorning and ridiculing of the victims of these attacks. The book reveals accounts of the direct involvement of members of the ruling ANC, the South African government and the SAPS in particular with the planning and execution of these attacks. It is argued that a looming process of ethnic cleansing should be regarded as a serious threat and something to be prevented. The complicity of the South African media is also indicated by analysis of news reports which clearly indicate biased reporting, leading to vilification and negative stereotyping of white farmers in particular. A variety of reasons why farm attacks are unique and deserving to be treated as a priority crime are outlined. These include the unique frequency at which these attacks take place, the horrific levels of torture that often accompanies these crimes, the role that farmers should play in society and the unique circumstances that farmers are in.